Tsont'ar Republic Profile

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Age 65
Birthplace Corellia

As a young man Nolan Tsont’Ar excelled at his studies. He was gifted in analytical tasks as well as linguistic ones. At the age of 18 not having money for proper secondary schooling he enlisted in the Republic Army and quickly found himself in Military Intelligence. He is credited with code breaking a Sith logistics code, and after the armed conflict that ceased 45 years ago went into the main Republic Intelligence Agency. He has worked on a number of projects such as:

Operation Two Ton
Operation Firecracker
Operation Octothorpe
Operation Florist
Operation Jade Key
Operation Desert Sunset
Operation Orchid Repo
Operation Switchgrass
Operation Thrownet
Operation Square Fort
Operation Lion Mane
Operation Yellow Whistle
Operation Tourist Stop
Operation Willowbend
Operation Klatenhorn
Operation Xobah Sunrise
Operation Goldenrod
Operation Feral Bantha
Operation Sierra Tango
Operation Geode
Operation Talking Door
Operation Quiet Thunder
Operation Snow Rabbit

For the last 15 years he has been what the industry refers to as a franchise operator. He still has access to some Republic assets, but funding and operational control is much more under his direct influence. Military analysts suggest his role has become that of the necessary gray agent needed to pierce deep into the darker corners of the Galaxy for intelligence gathering. His current known MO is to have several teams operating at a time, achieving his stated aims as given to him by the RIA chief.

Current whereabouts unknown.
Current operational status unknown.

Tsont'ar Republic Profile

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