Marc Pson't


Marc Pson’t is a Republic Navy veteran. He served in both the Mandalorian Wars and the most recent war against the Sith. He retired and was immediately hired by Saltori Merchant Services initially as consultant, but later assumed operational command of fleet operations. His career with the military was long and he received praise and accolades for his long service, and competency in space faring. He was honorably discharged due to medical reasons regarding his knees and age. He has 3 kids and 10 grandkids mostly livingin the core worlds, and he is estranged from his wife who he was married to for 15 years.

Marc is listed as the captain of the Avalon, a ship owned by Saltori Merchant Services, that is believed to have abducted Jounville Blackferne on Lok.


Marc Pson't

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