Jounville Blackferne

The Reason We're Doing This


Jounville was abducted from the Church of Alvis that he had established at Mesa de Venganza on Lok.

He was abducted by a group of thugs including a Gammorean with a tatoo that indicated that Jounville’s assailants likely worked for Kunga The Hutt, who was known to operate out of the Bryx system.

Further investigation indicated that a prisoner transport that left Lok on the same day that Jounville was kidnapped. It said it was tracking a bounty and had a person frozen in carbonite. The ship, the Avalon, was registered to Saltori Merchant Services and cited its destination as Kril’Dor. The Captain of the Ship was Marc Pson’t.

While searching for clues as to Jounville’s assailants and current whereabouts, the team assembled by Arillius Blackferne, Jounville’s father, was detained by a Sith commando team lead by Captain Hortell. The Sith were apparently looking to retrieve something from Jounville but did not reveal what.

Jounville Blackferne

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