Sweet Delia (Ship)

The Sweet Delia is a Dynamic-class Freighter owned and operated by Aderbrent Services.

The ship was purchased with investment capital provided by a number of members of the Aderbrent staff. The ship currently has two licensed captains, Syric Frost and Dood Amm’nel, with So Leet serving as the main Computer and Communications officer.


Length: 27.24 meters
Width: 25.94 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere): 800 km/h1
Hyperdrive rating: Class 3.01
Navigation system: Navigation computer equipped

Can interface with utility droid or astromech droid if navigation computer is locked or damaged


Twin turbolaser turrets (dorsal and ventral)
Heavy dual laser cannon turrets (port and starboard)

Pilots: 2 – Dood Amm’nel & Syric Frost
Gunners: 2 (optional)

Minimum crew: 1

Passengers: 4-6

Cargo capacity: 60 tons
Consumables: 2 months

Sweet Delia (Ship)

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