Nolan Tsont'ar


Tsont’ar is an older gentleman, difficult to pin his exact age probably late 60s if you had to guess. He is thin, has an educated and sophisticated manner about him. He has a fine white linen suit on in the Corellian single breast cut with a neck tie of simple black. His hat is white as well and on the table next to him. He has a gentle and friendly smile, quite charming in fact, but can appear quite stern and harsh when he wishes. In general he has a very strong sense of stillness about him. Difficult to explain, but you’d guess he would only raise an eyebrow at a Krayt Dragon bursting in, and that eyebrow would be merely to lay scorn at the disruption of an otherwise pleasant morning.


Tsont’ar is a businessman of some sort, located on Tatooine. He is familiar with Fossar Shipping and Cuspar Inirv’E’s family.

There is a rumor that Tsont’ar is looking for a crew to perform a job for him, though it requires passing some form of test to prove that the crew is up to the task.

During a chance encounter with Cuspar Inirv’E, Tson’tar exchanged information with the Mon Calamari so that the two could potentially do business at a later date.

Tsont’ar’s Republic profile was later discovered by So Leet, the Cerean slicer. It revealed that Tson’tar had long been in the employ of Republic Intelligence and his current operational status was “unknown.” It is suspected that he operates in something of a gray area between official Republic business and off-the-books operations.

It was later revealed by Tsont’ar that his request that Cuspar deliver a greeting to Ro’Talth (Kunga The Hutt’s Majordomo) was meant “to be a little friendly scare from enemies past to inspire a degree of measured fear and restraint.”

Tsont’ar has a pre-existing arrangement with Ro’Talth and Kunga to prevent their business from expanding into regions that might create a liability for the Republic in a time of conflict.

Tson’tar offered to aide in the recovery of Jounville Blackferne, but asked the group, “[W]hat crimes or horrors are you willing to commit in the course of finding your friend?”

Nolan Tsont'ar

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