Syric Frost

Human Scoundrel


Race: Human
Class: Scoundrel 3

Character Sheet


Syric, a reserverd and somewhat nondescript anyman had a tendancy to blend in to his surroundings, despite his tall lankey stature. It seemed to work in his favor as for the most part he prefers to not be noticed. After bouncing around different corners of the galaxy, he’s picked up a few tricks, a few friends, and a more than a few ‘business acquaintances’ who would just as easily slit his throat as shake his hand, depending on the number of credits he was worth in that particular system.

A few years back was when he met a particular friend, Jounville Blackferne. They first met in the middle of a brawl in a remote cantina, though whether or not they were on the same side is no longer known, the details having gone fuzzy due to time, spice and drink. Whatever the impetus was in their meeting, they found a common interest: unmoderated consumption of alcohol. Syric soon took an interest in the Alvian lifestyle that Blackferne professed and occaisionaly took the opportunity to spread the word with him.

Good friends were hard to come by, especially ones that owed you a favor or two, so when Syric got the call from old man Blackferne he hopped the first transport he could find and headed to help.

Syric Frost

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