So Leet

Cerean Scoundrel


Race: Cerean
Class: Scoundrel 2

Character Sheet


So Leet is a slicer that ran afoul of The Exchange a number of years prior to the kidnapping of Jounville Blackferne.


As a Cerean, So Leet has a knack for playing skill games and is quite good in casino games that are more than games of chance. This allows him to win with great regularity, sometimes too much regularity.

The Taris Event

So Leet nearly ran afoul of The Exchange a second time while on Tatooine.

While on a hot-streak in a casino, So Leet drew the attention and the ire of a Mr. Eshan, the local crime boss that was responsible for ParSec Gaming on Tatooine.

Eshan detained both So and Dood Amm’nel for suspected cheating, but could not prove that they had done anything. Eshan released both of them, but banished them from ever setting foot in another ParSec Gaming establishment and forwarded their images to all of the organization’s location.

So Leet

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