Kunga's Assistant


Twi’lek Majordomo to Kunga The Hutt.

Ro’Talth spends most of his time locked away in Kunga’s villa along with the majority of Kunga’s top staff. He does leave the villa somewhat regularly to visit his mistress, Ra’Wen.

He met Cuspar Inirv’E in what he believed was a chance encounter at the theater during one of Ra’Wen’s performances. Cuspar introduced himself and delivered a greeting from Nolan Tsont’ar, hoping to curry favor with the Twi’lek.

The response was actually chilly as the assistant to Kunga asked if Tsont’ar was honoring his half of their agreement, something that Cuspar was forced to admit he did not know. It was later revealed by Tsont’ar that his request that Cuspar deliver such a greeting was meant “to be a little friendly scare from enemies past to inspire a degree of measured fear and restraint.”

Tsont’ar has a pre-existing arrangement with Ro’Talth and Kunga to prevent their business from expanding into regions that might create a liability for the Republic in a time of conflict.

Ro’Talth, upon learning that Cuspar was not an agent for Tsont’ar, suggested that Aderbrent Services register with Saltori Merchant Services, of which Ro’Talth is the nominal head.



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