Kunga The Hutt


It seems that Kunga the Hutt is in some sort of hot water with a major Exchange player named Sargo. Like we’ve been told, Kunga is hunkering down on Bryx, but he rarely leaves his compound. His main advisor apparently leaves from time to time to visit his mistress.

He pissed of Sargo a few years back with something about fixing some podrace, or so the rumor mill has it. I don’t know if he did or didn’t, all I know is he was a big spender, but ultimately small time in the Exchange, so pissing off Sargo was a big mistake. From what I understand he works out of Bryx and some of the surrounding systems usually sticking to protection rackets and occasionally trying to rig races. I don’t know anyone locally who can hook you up, but I’m sure if you headed to Bryx you couldn’t take a piss without going on one of his stooge’s shoes.


Kunga The Hutt

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