Dood Amm'nel

Bothan Scout


Race: Bothan
Class: Scout 2 / Noble 1

Character Sheet


STR: 12 | +1
DEX: 18 | +4
CON: 10 | +0
INT: 12 | +1
WIS: 16 | +3
CHA: 14 | +2

HP: 33 / 33 Threshold: 14


Initiative: 10
Base Attack: +1
Perception: 9
Speed: 6


FRT: 14 REF: 19 WIL: 20


Acrobatics: 5
Climb: 2
Deception: 3
Endurance: 1
Gather Info: 13
Initiative: 10
Knowledge: 7 (Galactic Lore)
Mechanics: 7
Perception: 9
Persuasion: 3
Pilot: 10
Ride: 5
Stealth: 15
Survival: 9
Swim: 2
Treat Inj: 4
Use Comp: 2
Use Force: 3


Skill Training: Pilot, Gather Info
Skill Focus: Stealth, Gather Info (Racial Bonus)
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol, Rifle, Simple


Accute Senses (Scout)
Connections (Noble)



Family History

Dood is the son of Kroth Amm’nel, Bothan representative to the Galactic Senate and current patriarch of the Innel clan.

Dood’s father, while a diplomat and noble, was determined to see that his son did not grow up in the gilded halls of government and bureaucracy, and Dood was encouraged to travel as a scout.

Professional History

For many years Dood traveled the galaxy on expeditions to map new hyperspace route, find new settlement areas in newly discovered systems, lead the odd hunting expedition, and occasionally work as an advanced scout or spy for Republic forces.

Dood’s time working with the Republic Intelligence Services helped him to hone his skills at avoiding detection.

The Church of Alvis

One such expedition, a reconnaissance mission near the Cerean system, Dood found himself working with Arillius Blackferne and his son, Jounville. It was this encounter with Jounville that brought Dood to the Church of Alvis.

It was this previous familiarity with both Jounville and Arillius that led to Dood’s inclusion in the party to rescue Jounville, and the existing trust between Arillius and him that led to Arillius naming him CFO of Aderbrent Services.

The Taris Event

While attempting to deliver funds to So Leet, the Cerean slicer who was on an incredible win-streak in a casino on Tatooine, Dood and So Leet were detained by a Mr. Eshan, the local representative of The Exchange.

Eshan accused So and Dood of cheating, but could find no evidence of any wrong-doing. This, combined with the knowledge that Dood’s father was a Galactic Senator, led Eshan to release the Cerean and the Bothan, but their images were distributed to all ParSec Gaming establishments and both Dood and So were banished from ever entering another of the organization’s casinos again.

Dood Amm'nel

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