Cuspar Inirv'E

Mon Calamari Noble


Race: Mon Calamari
Class: Noble 1


Cuspar Inirv’E is a Mon Calamari. He encountered the group by chance in the Dusty Bantha. He was on his way to Lok to visit Jounville Blackferne when he overheard his name in the Dusty Bantha. In spite of a rocky start, he is bound to the group by his dedication to finding his friend. Overly evangelistic from an Alvian perspective, Cuspar is resolved to use his charisma to better fit in with the group. He is the son of Mon Calamari shipping magnate Fossar Inirv’E, but is somewhat estranged from his father.

Cuspar Inirv'E

The Taris Event Cuspar