Captain Hortell

Zabrak Sith Apprentice


Captain Hortell is a Sith Apprentice that led a group of Sith soldiers along with a fellow Sith Apprentice, Quax, to attempt to apprehend Jounville Blackferne. During his attempt, he and his men surrounded the Church of Alvis in Mesa de Venganza on Lok only to find that Jounville had been taken and a group of what appeared to be bounty hunters looking for his same quarry.

The “bounty hunters” were actually Arillius Blackferne and the crew he had assembled to help rescue his son. Arillius was successful at convincing the Sith that he and his crew were looking for Jounville regarding a stolen yacht and that they would gladly help the Sith locate their common target.

Captain Hortell

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