Bulwark Migs

Human Scout


Race: Human
Class: Scout 2

Character Sheet


Like most youths in the backwaters of the galaxy, the only functioning government Bulwark ever knew was the Exchange. Not to say he grew up with questionable morals, but on worlds where neither the Republic nor Sith have a presence, the Exchange fills the void. So it was only natural that when he came of age, he would seek employment with the only group that would hire a scruffy brat with little experience. Bulwark had grown up hunting and camping with his father and the Exchange used his natural skills as an outdoorsman and trained him as a tracker; not just in the wild, but in the wild urban cities as well. He spent many years learning the flora and fauna of dozens of worlds. As he aged and his experience grew he was able to take jobs as a guide and tracker to offworlders. The Exchange was more than willing to set him up with Bounty Hunters looking to track their prey across one of his worlds. While the wealthy Aristocrats looking to hunt wild nollabeasts on Calec paid better and the work was easy, he much preferred the company of the bounty hunters; they didn’t talk as much.

It was on one such tracking mission that he met Jounville Blackferne. The constabulary on Sullust was paying him to track Jounville in one of the lower cities. Apparently there was an issue with unpaid docking fees. He met up with Joun in a dive in Belantown. While waiting for the authorities to show up, Bulwark sat down with him and had a few drinks. Jounville, having had a few too many Bantha nectar surprises, let him in on a plan to make some quick credits. Bulwark was a bit suspicious, but as long as Joun was paying up front, he didn’t care.

After Jounville sorted out his docking fees, he and Bulwark met up and tried out the scheme. After 6 months, neither of them were wealthy, but they had made enough on wild gundark breeding to make back their expenses and have with enough credits left over to last a bit.

Fast forward 7 years. Out of the blue, Jounville contacts Bulwark and says he has another great idea to make some quick money. All he needed was some credits to get started. Having just finished a lucrative safari with the Sultan of Baldan’s brother-in-law and feeling generous, Bulwark lent him the credits. That was 6 months ago. Bulwark doesn’t have any true interest in finding out what happened to Jounville, but he would like to get his money back.

Interesting Facts:
He carries around an irregular shaped rock from Lok; he’s not sure why.
He despises Droids.
He’s antisocial.
He ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Bulwark Migs

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