Is not Quax


Bax is not Quax.

Perhaps the hardest working member of Saltori Merchant Services, Bax shows up to work everyday with a big smile and huge helping of “Can Do” attitude. Bax works the front desk of the business office of Saltori Merchant Services coordinating clients with the appropriate company representatives.

Raised on a small ranch in rural Bryx, Bax had dreams of moving to the big city to be a real big shot. After a parade of jobs as janitor, sewage repair man, assistant to the service droid, Bax finally hit the big time by being the official tea and coffee pouring specialist of Megastar Coffe and Tea at the Par Sec gaming establishment in town. His cheery demeanor grabbed the attention of henchman of Kunga who thought “This kid is upbeat, we could use that.”

Now Bax spends his days answering phones and performing menial tasks for Saltori Merchant Services, and spends his nights working on his one man show “A Man and his Puppets”.

It is very likely that his Aunt Weesa’s rootuni does NOT have mange.



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