The Taris Event

Bulwark Migs awakens to the sound of his datapad beeping. The room is swimming and a dull throb in his head is all he feels, physically. The lights seem too bright, but he knows by anyone else’s standards they would be considered dim. Bulwark sits up, finding himself like he usually does: in some utility closet of a bar – probably a dive given the smell. The datapad continues to beep.

After righting himself, Bulwark flicks the datapad’s screen and finds a simple message displayed.

_ TCOAHO::>Jounville is missing. Your help is needed. -AB _

Across the galaxy, several other friends of one Jounville Blackferne, missionary of the Church of Alvis, receive similar messages.

As each of those contacted responds, Arillius Blackferne, Jounville’s father, gives them instructions to meet at a small settlement on the remote planet of Lok.



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